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Problem updating to MyEclipse 7.5 on Slackware Linux - Look at ulimit -n - Too many open files - struts-config.xml changes to run under java 6 Imprimer



We have updated from MyEclipse 5.1 to 7.5. Here a list of the problems we encountered. Click below to read more...



The first problem we have encountered is that nothing seemed to work properly ;-))

We found out that the main cause of our problems was related to the tremendous amount of files MyEclipse 7.5 opens compared to 5.1.

You can obtain a ball park figure by typing the following command, say your user name is "developer":

With MyEclipse 7.5 running:

developer@host:~$ lsof -u developer | grep -c ""
developer@host:~$ lsof | grep -c ""

With MyEclipse 7.5  NOT running:

developer@host:~$ lsof -u developer | grep -c ""
developer@host:~$ lsof | grep -c ""

On most Linux distributions, the default number of files a user can open within its shell is usually limited to 1024 while MyEclipse 7.1 opens a larger number of files than 1024 so MyEclipse 7.5 cannot access all the files it needs and this causes all sort of hard to pinpoint problems.


developer@host:~$ ulimit -n

Here is MyEclipse recommendation to fix this issue on most distributions:

And here is the way to fix this under the Slackware distribution:

cd /sbin

cp -p  initscript.sample initscript

edit initscript so it contains the following, we have chosen to raise the number of files from 1024 to16184, adjust the number at your convenience:

  export PATH

  ulimit -Hn 16184
  ulimit -Sn 16184

  # Execute the program.
  eval exec "$4"

Now ulimit -n retruns 16184 and everything works fine:

developer@host:~$ ulimit -n

NOTE: As far as we know, You need to reboot the machine for the ulimit change to take effect.


We then experienced a problem with Struts DynaActionForm deploying to servers running java 6. Everything worked fine with servers running on java 5 or lower.

We found out that the problem was in  struts-config.xml, we had form properties declared as:

<form-bean name="rechercheForm"
            <form-property name="searchTypes" type="[Ljava.lang.String;" />


 We had to replace those declarations with the following in order to run on all servers, including the ones using java 6:

<form-bean name="rechercheForm"
            <form-property name="searchTypes" type="java.lang.String[]" />


Everything runs fine now, we can deploy to servers running java 1.4, java 5 and java 6 by setting the appropriate compiler compatibility level by right clicking on the project->Properties->Java Compiler ! ;-))


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