NTP server list by country/provider, Canada and worldwide Imprimer

Here is a list of ntp servers (hosts that run ntpd) sorted by country. Each country list is divided into internet service providers (ISP). Remember that you should only connect to ntp servers belonging to your provider.

Note : You may also want to read this article that explains how to find your own provider ntp servers. If you find some that are not on this list; submit them to us along with your provider name so we can add them to this list. You may also want to read read this article that provides insight on how ntp works.

You can also connect to public ntp servers or use the ntp pool system but connecting to servers far away from where you are wastes your provider and others internet bandwidth and gives you less reliable time due to the increased delay in communication between your machine and the ntp server you are getting time from. Do not connect to servers that are not owned by your provider (e.g. the company that you pay for internet connection). If your provider is not in this list, use either a public ntp server or use the ntp pool system.


You can verify these servers daily status here and you will find a list of the servers that did not pass our daily test for today, yesterday, today - 2 days, today - 3 days, today - 4 days, today - 5 days, today - 6 days and today - 7 days. That list may be an empty file if all servers passed our daily test.

Low stratum values are good (except if stratum=0, which means the server refused to give time). Low offset is best, it represents the time difference between the server and our reference clock in seconds. Low delay is good too. In short, look for low values to choose good servers but low offset is the most important value to tell if the server keeps accurate time.

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most of these are routers
1 mercredi, 03 octobre 2007 13:15
Ryan Malayter
Most of these are routers. I am not sure ISPs would want people banging away at them for NTP service.

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