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Siemens says it is ready to use quantum cryptography. In short, quantum cryotography uses the unique properties of photons exchanged between the 2 parties to generate keys. Since eavesdropping on a photon is easily detectable, this concept has generated much attention in the past years:

"Quantum cryptography makes it possible to generate identical keys for secure communications between two partners by making use of specific characteristics of quantum physics. The keys are made from individual photons of light which are exchanged between the partners. As any measurement made on a photon leaves indelible traces, eavesdroppers can be detected instantly: the error rate of exchanged photons would increase significantly. Quantum cryptography networks are needed in order to put these phenomena to practical use. Without a network, the distance between partners is limited, as photons cannot be transmitted over long distances. In this case, the network ensures that keys are passed on."

Quantum cryptography in Siemens Vienna network

First quantum cryptography chip worldwide available now



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