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Wine 1.0 will be released in June'08 Imprimer
Écrit par mrcgran   
Wine has just published a release plan. Wine 1.0 will be released on 6 June 2008 or shortly after, to celebrate its 15th anniversary: 'To give the 1.0 release some concrete meaning, we have chosen a few key apps (see WineReleaseCriteria; in particular, Photoshop CS2) that should run well with Wine 1.0. Those apps all run reasonably well now. The only thing that could stop the 1.0.0 release are regressions in those key apps.
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The State of Phone Support: Not Good Imprimer
Not much has changed with phone support in terms of today versus, say, ten years ago. Interesting analysis that highlights the major problems: ;-)
Mis à jour / Last updated ( samedi, 22 mars 2008 21:27 )
Google BigTable: Is There No End To Google's Innovation? Imprimer
Écrit par NetFu   
For a Comp Sci guy like me, Google is really doing some amazing stuff. Sometimes when I come across some of the stuff they are doing, I have to wonder how the heck they are funding it, and why I'm not involved. :-) Their work is even more interesting to me because most of their offices are within 10 miles of my house, but that's beside the point.
Mis à jour / Last updated ( mercredi, 26 mars 2008 23:31 )
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Virtualization: War of the Words. Imprimer
If you have been following the War of the Words between Xen, Microsoft and VMware about how good their solutions are, the blogs are a must read. The topic in question is "memory over-commit" a feature which VMware says helps reduce costs and Microsoft, Citrix (Xen folks) dispute the fact.
Mis à jour / Last updated ( mercredi, 26 mars 2008 23:34 )
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Encrypted VBR VoIP Leaks Information Imprimer
Écrit par I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property   

Researchers have found that encrypted VoIP calls that use variable bit rates leak a substantial amount of information, enough that they were able to identify the language spoken without being able to decrypt the packets.

Mis à jour / Last updated ( mercredi, 26 mars 2008 23:35 )
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Martian Headsets and The State of Web Standards Imprimer
Écrit par brajesh   
Joel on Software has a very lengthy but extremely insightful article on the state of web standards today. Joel writes — "Why are 'web standards' so frigging messed up? (It's not just Microsoft's fault. It's your fault too. And Jon Postel's [Robustness Principle]...".
Mis à jour / Last updated ( mercredi, 26 mars 2008 23:35 )
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IBM Researchers Develop Nanophotonic Switch Imprimer
Écrit par Pooua   
"IBM researchers have developed a nanophotonic switch 100x smaller than the diameter of a human hair. The goal is to use light instead of electrons to move data inside a computer chip. Previous IBM advances towards this goal are also mentioned."
Mis à jour / Last updated ( samedi, 22 mars 2008 21:28 )
Eclipse Announces New 'Stackless Stack' Goal Imprimer
Écrit par eldavojohn   
The Eclipse Foundation announced today that they are setting their sites on middleware and a 'stackless stack' in their new branch called Equinox. From the article, "The Equinox runtime software will be an implementation of a standard, called OSGi, formerly known as the Open Services Gateway initiative." Will we see OSGi spread across all operating systems and hardware like phones and mobile devices?
Mis à jour / Last updated ( mardi, 18 mars 2008 19:44 )
Found: Artifacts From the Future Imprimer
Écrit par Alain Côté   
Have a look at this interesting image ! Hint: It is somehow related to the open source community.
Jetez un coup d'oeil à cette image! Indice: Il existe un rapport avec la communauté du logiciel libre.
Mis à jour / Last updated ( vendredi, 15 février 2008 01:53 )
Gazoline, hydrogène, batteries et densité énergétique. L'avenir face à nos besoins en énergie Imprimer
Écrit par Alain Côté   
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Voici le contenu d'un message expédié à un ami. J'ai pensé le publier ici parce qu'il est primordial pour quiconque de prendre connaissance de ces faits avant de s'aventurer dans la suggestion de toute solution face à la crise de l'énergie.

Si vous prenez le temps d'assimiler cette réalité, vous ne verrez assurément plus les choses du même oeil par la suite. Les faits sont tellement impressionnants que vous n'en croirez pas vos yeux à la lecture de l'article. Vous réaliserez que plusieurs concepts erronés (ou mythes) ne tiennent tout simplement pas la route suite à la lecture de cet article.

Mis à jour / Last updated ( lundi, 28 avril 2008 04:02 )
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