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MySQL Community Speaks up on Proprietary Add Ons Imprimer
Écrit par Anonymous   

There has been a flurry of posts from MySQL's open source developers on their thoughts around MySQL deciding to make proprietary extensions to the MySQL server. The "Monty" of MySQL has spoken out on his thoughts about Sun/MySQL adding proprietary features to MySQL. Brian Aker has also posted what he believes differentiates Open Source from Crippleware.

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Undersea Cables That Were Cut: Iraqi Ship Held Imprimer
Écrit par Anonymous   
One ship from an Iraqi company is being held and two sailors have been arrested. DUBAI: The UAE authorities have released one of the two ships allegedly responsible for causing damage to an undersea cable network of Flag Telecom that had resulted in disruption of Internet services across India for two weeks.
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Wikipedia denies Global Warming deniers Imprimer
Écrit par gekman   

A Canadian blogger, Lawrence Solomon, has discovered that one Wikipedia editor, "Tabletop," seems to be on a mission to eliminate any Wikipedia entries that in any way discredit the idea of global warming. "She" (?) edits any and all entries to remove any text that addresses the other side of the GW discussion. Wikipedia logs apparently record all of her activity, and Solomon's blog entry here.

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OpenMac: A high-end Mac for a quarter of the price? Imprimer
Écrit par ozmanjusri   

The OpenMac is a whitebox computer built to run an unmodified OS X Leopard kernel. Made by the Psystar Corporation, it would be substantially cheaper than any upgrade-capable Apple Mac.

The base model OpenMac with Intel GMA graphics sells for $399. It remains to be seen how long Psystar survive under the onslaught of Apple's legal team.

Update: The Psystar site seems down. Google cache here

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Why I quit: Kernel developer Con Kolivas Imprimer
Écrit par flydpnkrtn   

An interview with former kernel developer Con Kolivas (of the -ck patchset) rants and raves about desktop Linux, and discusses why he quit developing for the Linux kernel as a side hobby. A /. post summarizes the circumstances that brought Con to the decision as well.

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First Counterfeit Intel Chips. Now DFI Motherboard Imprimer
Écrit par crazyeyes   

The Chinese have done it again. First they made counterfeit Intel boxed processors . Now they are counterfeiting DFI motherboards ! What's next? Counterfeit BMWs??? Here's a quote from the report :

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TIME online lists Slashdot as most overated blog Imprimer
Écrit par DJRikki   

From the great minds at TIME magazine online comes news that Slashdot (along with Ars Technica and others) have been listed in the "Top 5 overated blogs" on the internet.  "Reading Slashdot these days is like visiting the IT guy at work. He's infuriatingly smug and cares passionately about stuff you don't care about, and views your lack of interest as further confirmation of his intellectual superiority. Enjoy!"

View full article here

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Superfast grid to replace internet Imprimer
Écrit par sharp3   

The Internet could soon be made obsolete. The scientists who pioneered it have now built a lightning-fast replacement capable of downloading entire feature films within seconds. At speeds about 10,000 times faster than a typical broadband connection, "the grid" will be able to send the entire Rolling Stones back catalogue from Britain to Japan in less than two seconds.

View full article here


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Faster ELF Linker in GNU Binutils Imprimer
Écrit par meonkeys   

Ian Lance Taylor announced the release of gold, a rewrite of "ld". Gold supports x86 and x86_64 targets, and apparently links faster than the existing GNU linker. "On large C++ programs, I have measured it as running five times faster.", says Ian. One existing critical goal is a successful build of the Linux kernel.


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First quantum cryptography chip worldwide available now Imprimer
Écrit par Alain Côté   

Siemens says it is ready to use quantum cryptography. In short, quantum cryotography uses the unique properties of photons exchanged between the 2 parties to generate keys. Since eavesdropping on a photon is easily detectable, this concept has generated much attention in the past years:

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