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Major Gaming Console Makers Playing Dirty Imprimer
Écrit par Ankorage   

EFY Times has an article on a Greenpeace report that major gaming console makers including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are Playing it dirty and says that Greenpeace claims PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 contain chemicals that could affect memory and sexual development.They contain harmful or toxic chemicals that would not be allowed in young children's toys. With some differences in the amount of hazardous chemicals and materials, all three manufacturers failed the green electronics test set by Greenpeace.

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Details Emerging on Tunguska Event Impact Crater. Imprimer
Écrit par (Dusty)   

Lake Cheko in Siberia has been noted as the probable crater of the 1908 Siberian Tunguska event. This news was covered and discussed in December, but details on the crater were scant. Now a new paper written by Luca Gasperini, Enrico Bonatti, and Giuseppe Longo ( the same team in Bologne, Italy that made news in December) has a horde of new details on the supposed crater.

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Why the Linux world should embrace the BSD's Imprimer
Écrit par anonymous   

Steve Lake over at Raiden's Realm puts up a very good argument in his latest piece about why Linux should join or partner with the BSD's to become the biggest and best operating system in the world. The arguments are very solid and well worth considering, because there appears to be a lot the BSD's can offer the Linux world, and vice versa. In the end the partnership would benefit everyone.

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Nvidia's Chief Scientist on the future of the GPU Imprimer
Écrit par teh bigz   

There's been a lot of talk about integrating the GPU into the CPU, but David Kirk believes that the two will continue to co-exist. Bit-tech got to sit down with Nvidia's Chief Scientist for an interview that discusses the changing roles of CPUs and GPUs, GPU computing (CUDA), Larrabee, and what he thinks about Intel's and AMD's futures.

From the article: "What would happen if multi-core processors increase core counts further though, does David believe that this will give consumers enough power to deliver what most of them need and, as a result of that, would it erode away at Nvidia's consumer installed base? "No, that's ridiculous — it would be at least a thousand times too slow [for graphics]," he said. "Adding four more cores, for example, is not going anywhere near close to what is required."

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AMD uses Folding@home language for gaming physics Imprimer
Écrit par arcticstoat   

AMD / ATI is experimenting with using Stanford University's highly parallel, C-based Brook language for gaming physics. Brook is currently used to create the GPU client for the Folding@home project, and it's hardware-independent. Could this be a realistic alternative to PhysX or Havok? Read the full story here.

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200,000 DVDs on a single disc ? Imprimer
Écrit par anonymous   

Imagine being able to put your entire DVD collection on a single disc. And not just your collection, but also that of your family, friends and neighbours ... the contents, in fact, of as many as 200,000 DVDs.

It sounds a stretch of imagination, but this is the aim of Professor Min Gu and his team at Swinburne University of Technology's Centre for Micro-Photonics.

They are three years into a fiveyear project that is looking at how nanotechnology — particularly the use of nanoscopic particles — can be used to exponentially increase the amount of information contained on a single disc.

The full story is available from the Swinburne Magazine

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Java fully open-sourced 'by end of year' Imprimer
Écrit par Petricio   

Sun is to open-source the last closed-source parts of Java, a move that should make it possible to fully integrate the software into Linux distributions. Rich Sands, Sun's group manager for developer marketing, confirmed on Friday that Sun expects the work to be completed by the end of this year. Most of Java has already been opened up, barring a few elements that had been held back because Sun did not own the rights to them. These rights seem to have been renegotiated, or are being renegotiated — at the time of writing Sun had not given further details on this point.

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No sex please, we're Amazonian Mollys Imprimer
Écrit par Smivs   

A fish species, which is all female, has survived for 70,000 years without reproducing sexually, experts believe. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh think the Amazon Molly may be employing special genetic survival "tricks" to avoid becoming extinct. The species, found in Texas and Mexico, interacts with males of other species to trigger its reproduction process. The offspring are clones of their mother and do not inherit any of the male's DNA. Dr Laurence Loewe, of the university's School of Biological Sciences, said: "What we have shown now is that this fish really has something special going on and that some special tricks exist to help this fish survive. "Maybe there is still occasional sex with strangers that keeps the species alive. Future research may give us some answers."

Mis à jour / Last updated ( lundi, 28 avril 2008 03:51 )
Hacked pumps give free gas Imprimer
Écrit par Dionysius, God of Wine and Leaf   

"Meanwhile, police are investigating an organized theft ring that used a never-before-seen device to hack gas station pumps and steal unlimited amounts of gasoline in Casselberry last week.

One of the operatives (got) out and used a computerized device to bypass the pumps so they could pump an unlimited amount of gas into the vehicles," Casselberry police Lt. Dennis Stewart said."

Mis à jour / Last updated ( vendredi, 25 avril 2008 06:11 )
Linux is for unexperienced users according to ASUS Imprimer
Écrit par feranick   

ASUS will be soon launching the eeePC with the larger screen and the choice between Linux or Windows. While this is nothing new, reading the announcement one cannot miss to notice the target of each OS. Surprizingly, the Linux eeePC is targeted to unexperienced user, while MS Windows for those "experienced" Windows users.

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