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Leading climatologist accused of fraud Imprimer
A climatologist at the State University of New York, Dr.Wei-Chyung Wang, has been accused of fabricating data in his research on global warming. The full story [1MB pdf] has been published, by a Canadian mathematician. Wang has published over 100 research papers and he was the chief scientist of the Chinese–American Carbon Dioxide Research Program.
Ajax: Make the best use of asynchronous callbacks to dynamically refresh your page content without using the traditional "reload page" Imprimer

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) involves using javascript within your web pages to load information in XML format from the network in order to refresh your page content without having to use the traditional "reload page" mechanism.

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Canadian cell phone customer gets a 85,000$ bill, no mistakes made says the company Imprimer
A Canadian customer realized that his phone bill had reached 65,000$. He then decides to call the cell phone company to complain just to be told that his bill had now reached 85,000$ because of the "data transfers" the customer had made while using his cell phone as a modem.
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Could global warming be unstoppable and natural? Imprimer
Écrit par WED Fan   

Sure to be miscategorized as global warming denial, this letter is not drawing a lot of press attention because it is an inconvenient proof that the so-called consensus is not a consensus at all. Further it draws out a point that I have been making, that trying to stop the unstoppable is a waste of resources that would better be used to work on things like feeding the hungry, curing the sick, helping the poor.

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Upcoming battle between Microsoft and Google, desktop based VS web based applications Imprimer
Écrit par Hugh Pickens   

There is a long article in the NYTimes well worth reading called "Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft" about the business strategies both companies are pursuing and about the future of applications and where they will reside — on the web or on the desktop.

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Evaluation of performance after upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows XP Imprimer
A blogger describes his experience and explains the results he obtained after upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows XP. View full article here.
First look at FireFox 3 UI Changes Imprimer
The proposed new icons for FireFox 3 have been released for a sneak peek over at Alex Faaborg's blog. A key new feature in FireFox 3 is how it will blend natively into each environment, thus there are four sets of icons effectively; one for Vista, XP, OSX, and Linux.
Ebony meets irony Imprimer
From the article: It turns out that 1962 Nobel laureate, James Watson, who recently made some disparaging comments about the intelligence of African is probably of African descent himself.
Warming climate triples northern fire frequency Imprimer
Black spruce forests in Alaska and Canada have burnt more often and more deeply since 1987 and this released more carbon dioxide as a result. View full article here.
Owning a Windows Network; A Practical Approach Imprimer
Écrit par pegr   

Listen up, folks. I am about to share with you a practical way to own any corporate Windows network. Before you bitch, first let me tell you that I won't tell you anything you don't already know or is anything other than obvious. That said, this approach works 85-90% of the time. It is time tested. It works. I've done it many times. And if you try this outside of legitimate network vulnerability testing, I hope you go to prison for a long time. That said, on with the show...

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