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Using apache as a reverse-proxy with mod_proxy and vmware to replicate a secure large corporation environment Imprimer

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In this article, we will review how to set up a secure and efficient environment. Logically, it is comparable to the setups used in large corporations like banks, governments, military, insurance companies etc. We will do this using a single computer with 4GB RAM, apache mod_proxy in reverse proxy mode and the freely available vmware-server. All products used in this setup are either open-source or available for free. The hardware cost of such a system should be around 1300$. There is no software cost.

  • Dual core computer ~800$
  • 4 GB RAM ~280$
  • 2 X 200 GB hard drive in raid 1 (mirroring mode total space avail: 200GB) ~240$
  • Total : 1360$


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Stratum 1 myth, use closer server network wise instead ! Imprimer

There is a myth that prevails in the ntp community; it is better to connect to low stratum (e.g. stratum 1) servers in order to get more precise time. This is false quite often. Reasons to connect to busy stratum 1 server like the US Naval Observatory ones we hear are :

  • It is more reliable
  • It gives more accurate time, it's the USNO!
  • I distribute time to many clients so I feel OK to connect to many stratum 1 servers
  • Worse, some connect to many stratum 1 servers because they figure that by doing an average, ntpd will keep more precise time !

In fact, it is more important to connect to close by servers network wise that do the same than to connect to stratum 1 servers to keep your clock as accurate as possible.

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FreePBX Upgrade.PHP Remote File Include Vulnerability Imprimer

Some hacker(s) tried to exploit a vulnerability in FreePBX 2.1 to get into our systems. It has never been possible to use thatLogo FreePBX exploit to get into our systems but we though that we should write about it anyway so other systems which might be vulnerable will get that security hole patched.

Below is our web logs which registered the intrusion attempts.

It is interesting to note that the following IPs and web sites are either implicated in the attacks or controlled by the attacker(s).

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Changements appréciés sur le site de jeux Imprimer

Logo Croisade

Le site de jeux en ligne a été mis à jour au début du mois de septembre et les changements apportés sont grandement appréciés. Le site propose gratuitement des jeux en ligne où l'on doit découvrir les mots à partir d'une définition. On peut également obtenir les lettres composant les mots (données dans le désordre) comme indice additionnel en voyant toutefois le nombre de point attribués pour une bonne réponse réduit dans ce cas. Ces jeux seront appréciés des amateurs de mots croisés. Voici les principaux changements apportés au site :

  • L'apparence du site a été modifié grâce à un nouvel habillage.
  • Le jeu fonctionne maintenant grâce au plugin flash. Auparavant le jeux était affiché à l'aide du plugin Java.
  • On y propose maintenant au moins un nouveau jeu à chaque jour alors qu'auparavant un nouveau jeu était disponible à toutes les deux semaines !
Bravo aux Jeux de l'Anse, gestionnaire du site, pour cette belle réalisation !
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Linus on debuggers Imprimer
Écrit par Alain Côté   

Well this isn't exactly fresh news, but here is a topic that came up quite a few times in my career, I had discussions withPhoto Linux Torvalds co-workers about the benefit of using a debugger. I do not use debuggers to develop code and some have said that I must be crazy or that I was just too lazy to learn how to use one ! ;-)

Of course, you have to be in pretty good control of your code, plan and visualize in advance, before you actually start to write the code so the few times where you will need to write debugging statements is when you made some typing mistake (or almost).

It is a different approach to coding, but it leads to more robust code in my humble opinion. The down side of a debugger is that sometimes, it happens that some developers do not know what they are doing, they start writing code without prior planning and they manage to finally get it to work with the debugger. Typical time consumption ratio will be like 20% for writing the code and 80% to debug it and some bugs will go undetected.

My way to do things is 50% planning before starting to code, 45% coding, 5% debugging. So the availability of a debugger is less important. It doesn't take very long to learn how to use a debugger. Learning to code properly takes considerably longer.

Note that I DO use debuggers if I need to reverse engineer code.

I realize that a debugger has become a standard tool in modern development teams. I also know that any development team would probably go on strike if I tried to force them to develop without a debugger.


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NTP server list by country/provider, Canada and worldwide Imprimer

Here is a list of ntp servers (hosts that run ntpd) sorted by country. Each country list is divided into internet service providers (ISP). Remember that you should only connect to ntp servers belonging to your provider.

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How to find the best NTP servers near you to query for time for your own NTP server Imprimer

In this article, we will describe how to find the best ntp servers to query for time from your current internet connection. Most providers run NTP servers on their network but they don't always advertise them very well !

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Script to automatically report spam to SpamCop Imprimer

We already forwarded automatically by email all our Spam Assassin high scoring spam from our MailScanner to SpamCop but we needed to manually log into Spam Cop site to manually report them one by one in order to complete the process which took just too much time. After reporting thousands of spams manually, we are now sure that 100% of our Spam Assassin high scoring spam IS DEFINITELY spam so it is kind of silly to have to manually confirm that fact. We came up with this little lynx script that does this automatically for us.


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All free Anti-Spam solution for sendmail using Spamcop, Spamhaus, Spam Assassin, Mailscanner and f-prot as anti-virus Imprimer

Since the amount of spam sent is constantly rising, we are constantly putting more resources to filter and avoid it. The last big move we did was to add sbl to the SpamCop one we were already using. We also added some of the latest sendmail options to our sendmail configuration to cut down on spam. Greeting Pause is definitly the most efficient of them.

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Xantrex Power Hub 1800 working with APC UPS as a reliable power backup solution Imprimer

We have tested Xantrex power hub 1800 in combination with APC UPSes to insure continuous power source to servers during extended power outages.


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