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Problems dialing prefix *67 (anonymous call) on SPA-3102 and Asterisk Imprimer

We allow some peers to place local calls through a PSTN line that is hooked to a SPA-3102. It is impossible to set the callerID on outgoing PSTN calls, in most cases, you are stuck with the callerID assigned to you by your PSTN line provider. In this situation, we want to blank out the callerID by prefixing the number with *67 (anonymous call code) before dialing on the PSTN line.

When prefixing with *67, we had 50% of our calls not completing because of eaten digits.

The following solved the problem, now 100% of our calls prefixed with *67 complete properly.

In the SPA-3102 web interface, admin login, advanced option, in PSTN Line :

PSTN Dialing Delay: 1

PSTN Dial Digit Len: .2/.1


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DTMF (dialing digits) and IVR problems in Asterisk with SPA-3102 and PAP-2 devices Imprimer

We had calls going through SPA-3102 and PAP-2 devices where the user couldn't get his dialed digits recognized by both our IVR or other external IVRs. Obviously, this occured both on incoming and outgoing calls. The following changes solved our problems;

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Important thing to look at if you get one way audio problem with Asterisk 1.4.10 and FreePBX 2.3.0 Imprimer

We've had a weird problem where we though that there must be gremlins in the network or providers playing tricks on us. We've tried everything, reviewing our firewall rules, inserting log statements in our firewall rules, running tcpdump, analyzing STUN server traffic, everything !!

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