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How to blacklist or block a call based on callerID in FreePBX and Asterisk Imprimer

You can blacklist or block calls in FreePBX based on the callerID of the person that is calling you. By default, the caller will hear a message telling him that the number he is calling (e.g. your number) has been disconnected. Pretty useful to handle former boyfriends or telemarketers that call you too often ;-) !

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How to reject anonymous calls with FreePBX and Asterisk, user is prompted to enter his number Imprimer

FreePBX has an option to let you reject anonymous calls. If somebody calls without sending a callerID (anonymous call) he will be automatically redirected to a voice message asking him to enter his callerID manually so the call will be routed to you if it is somebody that you know calling from a pay phone or any other phone that doesn't support callerID.

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Caller name lookup script for Asterisk 1.4 and FreePBX 2.3.0 Imprimer

Here is a little script that allows you to look up for the caller name based on the caller phone number. It is pretty basic and works with parsing the HTML returned by 14990/search/ReversePhone?phone=${NUMBER} and falls back on search/?src=&stype=re&pac=${NUMBER:0:3}...

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Custom Context works fine in FreePBX 2.3.0 Imprimer

I have just tested the Custom Context module on my FreePBX 2.3.0 and Asterisk 1.4 testbed and it works fine.

If you look at the FreePBX site, they say that Custom Contexts are in realty Dial Contexts and that they will be implemented as such in FreePBX 2.3. I even read that Custom Contexts would not work at all in FreePBX 2.3

Well, no traces of Dial Contexts in FreePBX 2.3.0 and Custom Contexts just work fine. Did I miss anything ? if so write to me.

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Bug in FreePBX that prevent PhoneBook to say number Imprimer

There is a funny bug in FreePBX that prevents the PhoneBook application to "say numbers", meaning you can't hear the numbers if there are any in the PhoneBook name of the entry. As an example, for "OC9 Technologies", the PhoneBook application will only say "OC", bypassing the 9. This bug has been there for ever and it is still there in 2.3.0 :

in 2.3.0 in agi-bin/pbdirectory, line 222 :

} else if (('1' <= $string[$i]) && ($string[$i] <= '0')) {

should be replaced with :

} else if (('0' <= $string[$i]) && ($string[$i] <= '9')) {

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