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Problem updating to MyEclipse 7.5 on Slackware Linux - Look at ulimit -n - Too many open files - struts-config.xml changes to run under java 6 Imprimer



We have updated from MyEclipse 5.1 to 7.5. Here a list of the problems we encountered. Click below to read more...


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We have been knowing for a while about development patterns, let's now look at anti-patterns! Imprimer

More simply put, anti-patterns define what not to do!

Oh well, I have always though that it was better to teach what to do instead of teaching what not to do but this is nevertheless an interesting thing to read. Have a look at the links below which point to documentation about anti-patterns from IBM.

One of the listed anti-pattern is "infrequent check-ins". What about projects that have no source control at all? ;-)

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