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Using apache as a reverse-proxy with mod_proxy and vmware to replicate a secure large corporation environment Imprimer

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In this article, we will review how to set up a secure and efficient environment. Logically, it is comparable to the setups used in large corporations like banks, governments, military, insurance companies etc. We will do this using a single computer with 4GB RAM, apache mod_proxy in reverse proxy mode and the freely available vmware-server. All products used in this setup are either open-source or available for free. The hardware cost of such a system should be around 1300$. There is no software cost.

  • Dual core computer ~800$
  • 4 GB RAM ~280$
  • 2 X 200 GB hard drive in raid 1 (mirroring mode total space avail: 200GB) ~240$
  • Total : 1360$


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