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Nvidia's Chief Scientist on the future of the GPU Imprimer
Écrit par teh bigz   

There's been a lot of talk about integrating the GPU into the CPU, but David Kirk believes that the two will continue to co-exist. Bit-tech got to sit down with Nvidia's Chief Scientist for an interview that discusses the changing roles of CPUs and GPUs, GPU computing (CUDA), Larrabee, and what he thinks about Intel's and AMD's futures.

From the article: "What would happen if multi-core processors increase core counts further though, does David believe that this will give consumers enough power to deliver what most of them need and, as a result of that, would it erode away at Nvidia's consumer installed base? "No, that's ridiculous — it would be at least a thousand times too slow [for graphics]," he said. "Adding four more cores, for example, is not going anywhere near close to what is required."

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AMD uses Folding@home language for gaming physics Imprimer
Écrit par arcticstoat   

AMD / ATI is experimenting with using Stanford University's highly parallel, C-based Brook language for gaming physics. Brook is currently used to create the GPU client for the Folding@home project, and it's hardware-independent. Could this be a realistic alternative to PhysX or Havok? Read the full story here.

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Programmable Logic Made Simple with the MACH64! Imprimer
Écrit par ElectronDoc   
I am an analog engineer, but very interested in CPLDs (complex programmable logic devices), FPGAs and similar technology to design my own chips. I have been buying kits for a year or two now, but they usually have no documentation and are nearly useless. I was searching and found a new programmable logic kit called the MACH64 on the XGamestation site (they make gaming hardware), bought it, just got it yesterday and already I am hooked.
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Boutique Computer Builders Just Con Artists? Imprimer
Écrit par edborden   
The question was posed in a post over at DVice. I got very interested when the author basically stated that there is no way a person should spend $8K on a gaming computer, no matter what. In fact, he says that if someone is going to be buying that type of hardware, then "doing it themselves saves all sorts of money and lets them get exactly what they want.
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A Network Card That Gives You the Power to DESTROY Imprimer
Écrit par edborden   
The KillerNIC is a Linux computer on a PCI card which bypasses the Windows subsystem and delivers network traffic directly to your game.
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