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E. Coli Can Be Used To Clean Up Nuclear Waste Imprimer

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"Researchers have found that E. coli can be used to recover uranium from tainted waters and can even be used to clean up nuclear waste. Using the bacteria along with inositol phosphate, the bacteria breaks down the phosphate — also called phytic acid — to free the phosphate molecules. The phosphate then binds to the uranium forming a uranium-phosphate precipitate on the cells of the bacteria. Those cells can then be harvested to recover the uranium." What has made this 14-year-old process economically feasible is the use of inositol phosphate, which is a cheap waste material from the production feedstock from plant material.

Read more on Slashdot ;-)


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TCP/IP communication over bongos ;-) Imprimer

Students at Algoma University have implemented TCP/IP over automated bongo drums. They achieved a blistering 2 bps data transfer rate, taking only 140 seconds to send a ping packet !

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Supercomputer built with 8 NVIDIA GPUs Imprimer
Écrit par FnH   

Researchers at the University of Antwerp in Belgium have created a new supercomputer with standard gaming hardware. The system uses four NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics cards, it costs less than 4000EUR to build and thanks to NVIDIA's CUDA technology it delivers roughly the same performance as a supercomputer cluster consisting of hundreds of PCs!

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Demande de recours collectif contre Bell Imprimer
Écrit par Bruno Guglielminetti   

Après avoir déposé une requête devant le CRTC pour exiger que Bell cesse de ralentir délibérément le trafic Internet de ses abonnés, l’Union des consommateurs et une consommatrice de Montréal demandent maintenant à la Cour supérieure du Québec d’autoriser un recours collectif contre Bell au nom de tous les consommateurs du Québec abonnés, avant ou après le 28 octobre 2007, au service d’accès Internet ADSL de l'entreprise.

Voir l'article de Bruno Guglielminetti ici.


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US probes whether laptop content was copied on China trip Imprimer
Écrit par AP   

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. authorities are investigating whether Chinese officials secretly copied the contents of a government laptop computer during a visit to China by Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez and used the information to try to hack into Commerce computers, officials and industry experts told The Associated Press.

View full AP article here. 

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Les encyclopédies traditionnelles donnent la réplique à Wikipédia Imprimer
Écrit par Jean-Simon Gagné   

Après avoir été sévèrement contrariées par le développement de l'encyclopédie en ligne Wikipédia, d'augustes maisons comme Larousse et Britannica contre-attaquent. Sur la route du savoir universel, la guerre s'annonce sans merci.

Voir l'article de  Jean-Simon Gagné ici.

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Whoops! Runaway balloon leaves parachutist grounded Imprimer
Écrit par CBC   

CBC reports that that the jump has been postponed due to the balloon supposed to take the jumper up running away. One user notes the effects of this jump on air traffic controllers !

"A French parachutist's hopes of setting world records for high-altitude jumps were deflated early Tuesday, when the balloon designed to ferry him up into the sky in Saskatchewan drifted away while unsecured to its gondola."

View full CBC article here.

View CTV article with PICTURES here. 



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The Top 10 Social Networking Annoyances Imprimer
Écrit par softinform   

It s great to keep in touch with your friends and colleagues, but does the price have to be spam, zombie bites, and friend invitations from people you ve never heard of ?

View PC world article here


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Major Gaming Console Makers Playing Dirty Imprimer
Écrit par Ankorage   

EFY Times has an article on a Greenpeace report that major gaming console makers including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are Playing it dirty and says that Greenpeace claims PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 contain chemicals that could affect memory and sexual development.They contain harmful or toxic chemicals that would not be allowed in young children's toys. With some differences in the amount of hazardous chemicals and materials, all three manufacturers failed the green electronics test set by Greenpeace.

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Why the Linux world should embrace the BSD's Imprimer
Écrit par anonymous   

Steve Lake over at Raiden's Realm puts up a very good argument in his latest piece about why Linux should join or partner with the BSD's to become the biggest and best operating system in the world. The arguments are very solid and well worth considering, because there appears to be a lot the BSD's can offer the Linux world, and vice versa. In the end the partnership would benefit everyone.

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200,000 DVDs on a single disc ? Imprimer
Écrit par anonymous   

Imagine being able to put your entire DVD collection on a single disc. And not just your collection, but also that of your family, friends and neighbours ... the contents, in fact, of as many as 200,000 DVDs.

It sounds a stretch of imagination, but this is the aim of Professor Min Gu and his team at Swinburne University of Technology's Centre for Micro-Photonics.

They are three years into a fiveyear project that is looking at how nanotechnology — particularly the use of nanoscopic particles — can be used to exponentially increase the amount of information contained on a single disc.

The full story is available from the Swinburne Magazine

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