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Stratum 1 myth, use closer server network wise instead ! Imprimer

There is a myth that prevails in the ntp community; it is better to connect to low stratum (e.g. stratum 1) servers in order to get more precise time. This is false quite often. Reasons to connect to busy stratum 1 server like the US Naval Observatory ones we hear are :

  • It is more reliable
  • It gives more accurate time, it's the USNO!
  • I distribute time to many clients so I feel OK to connect to many stratum 1 servers
  • Worse, some connect to many stratum 1 servers because they figure that by doing an average, ntpd will keep more precise time !

In fact, it is more important to connect to close by servers network wise that do the same than to connect to stratum 1 servers to keep your clock as accurate as possible.

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NTP server list by country/provider, Canada and worldwide Imprimer

Here is a list of ntp servers (hosts that run ntpd) sorted by country. Each country list is divided into internet service providers (ISP). Remember that you should only connect to ntp servers belonging to your provider.

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How to find the best NTP servers near you to query for time for your own NTP server Imprimer

In this article, we will describe how to find the best ntp servers to query for time from your current internet connection. Most providers run NTP servers on their network but they don't always advertise them very well !

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