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Ajax: Make the best use of asynchronous callbacks to dynamically refresh your page content without using the traditional "reload page" Imprimer

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) involves using javascript within your web pages to load information in XML format from the network in order to refresh your page content without having to use the traditional "reload page" mechanism.

The results that can be achieved are similar to the ones obtained traditionaly with Java or Flash Applets which have been able to connect to the network for a long time (1996 for Java applets running in a web page).

Take for example a page where a news feed or where trade market stock prices are displayed. You would just display the content in plain HTML using table, div or any tags available in traditional HTML. Then, a javascript would run in the background and fetch data from the network in XML format. The script would then refresh (e.g. change) the HTML content dynamically, without having to reload the page, since javascript has been able to do that for a long time.

So, in short AJAX is just javascript with the added functionality of being able to connect to the network thanks to the use of the newer XMLHttpRequest object.

You can view more details and an example here in this article from IBM.




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