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Problems dialing prefix *67 (anonymous call) on SPA-3102 and Asterisk Imprimer

We allow some peers to place local calls through a PSTN line that is hooked to a SPA-3102. It is impossible to set the callerID on outgoing PSTN calls, in most cases, you are stuck with the callerID assigned to you by your PSTN line provider. In this situation, we want to blank out the callerID by prefixing the number with *67 (anonymous call code) before dialing on the PSTN line.

When prefixing with *67, we had 50% of our calls not completing because of eaten digits.

The following solved the problem, now 100% of our calls prefixed with *67 complete properly.

In the SPA-3102 web interface, admin login, advanced option, in PSTN Line :

PSTN Dialing Delay: 1

PSTN Dial Digit Len: .2/.1


Commentaires / Comments (3)
Help, please.
1 mardi, 23 février 2010 19:49
My friends told me about *67 so i tried it @ home. But instead of saying "Private caller"--like my friends said it would do--it turned out to be a complete different caller ID. So i phoned that number, but it didn't work. now, even if i don't use *67 before i dial the #, it still turn out to be a complete different number than my own phone number. Please help me, i need to get rid of having a different number.
Re: Help, please.
2 mardi, 16 mars 2010 08:33
I am not sure that I understand your post correctly, but I will assume that you are trying to make calls anonymously using your @home box.

In this case, you may want to look at the VOIP provider you are using. Many providers won't allow you to set your callerid to blank and some will default to some number if you do not provide any valid callerid. Many state in their terms of use that you have to provide a valid callerid when making calls. You may want to try with other providers.
"w" character gives half second wait
3 jeudi, 03 juin 2010 18:48
In case you didn't know, some phone companies require a short pause between the *67 and the rest of the number. In those cases, the easiest way is to send a w character for each half second of delay needed. For example, if sending *675551212 fails some of the time, you could try sending *67w5551212 or even *67ww5551212. That should cause the SPA-3102 to pause between the *67 and the rest of the number.

Note that if the user has already dialed *67+ the number, you may have to strip the *67 and then add *67w in its place. For example, if using Asterisk you could do something like this in your trunk dial rules:


(adjust the 1NXXNXXXXXX part of the pattern as needed in your situation).

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