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Linux is for unexperienced users according to ASUS Imprimer
Écrit par feranick   

ASUS will be soon launching the eeePC with the larger screen and the choice between Linux or Windows. While this is nothing new, reading the announcement one cannot miss to notice the target of each OS. Surprizingly, the Linux eeePC is targeted to unexperienced user, while MS Windows for those "experienced" Windows users.

I guess this explains why the Windows version come with a "fully featured" (and probably ad-sponsored) version of MS Works. No mention that the Linux version comes with a really fully-featured OpenOffice suite. Maybe unesperienced users don't really need that afterall. Or is it to make sure the Windows-based eeepc doesn't look bad in comparison with the Linux version? From the article:

"The Microsoft Windows version allows more experienced users to seamlessly utilize the Eee PC through the familiar Windows interface, and incorporates Windows Live features like Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging; and Windows Live Mail for consolidated email accounts on the users desktop. Complementing this is Microsoft Works, which equips the user with numerous office applications to work efficiently.

The Linux version is useful for users who desire an icon-driven and easy point-and-click interface. Well suited for children or users without any computer experience, it provides a fast boot-up time- ideal for fast Internet access while waiting for public transport, or taking notes on-the-go."

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